Cosplay Photography In A Nutshell

Are you a cosplay photographer checklist:
  1. Got kicked out of a convention for photography.
  2. Got threatened by private security despite having done nothing illegal.
  3. Got your shit stolen during a photo shoot.
  4. Got con flu despite not going inside the convention.
  5. Friends with one or more people, or even groups of people that had online disputes, resulting in a family sitcom where everybody hates you for friending someone else they don't like.
  6. Can never remember anyone's faces or names because everyone you meet look and sound different at each convention.
  7. Turned your hobby in to a profession or started a business.
  8. "Dude where are my pics?" at 6AM in the morning, of the day following a convention.
  9. You have a back log of unprocessed photos dating back to the first convention you've ever been to.
  10. Seen one or more of your copyright protected imagery being used by a commercial entity, for profit, without your written consent, even though they have their own legal disclaimers about third parties using their content without their own written consent.

journal, 2018