World of Warcraft: Play A New Class?

Existing Characters

The Priest is at item level 940. I only need to work on Mythic+ and Raid Groups to gear her up as high as possible and then I'll be ready for BFA. I should also run the old campaign storyline before BFA and get as many transmogs as possble before they implement level scaling to old dungeons and raids like Time Walking for BFA.

In preparation for Battle For Azeroth I have also been grinding reputation with the Armies of Legion Fall, Armies of Lightforge and Armies of Argus to unlock the new races.

The Druid is 102 and still needs to unlock all the specialisations / artifact weapons.

The Warrior is 100 and I don't think I'll work on it before BFA.


Last night I spent several hours fishing in World of Warcraft again. I think I'm going to work towards the fishing artifact as well as obtaining some aquatic mounts.

I maxed out reputation with Conjurer Margoss in one session after getting the 10% reputation boost from Darkmoon Faire. I actually over did it and wasted a bunch of Drowned Mana. That was a slight annoyance. Now I need 400 more drowned mana to get all of the items from the vendor. Doing this boring grind with the premade raid groups makes it a lot faster and social.

I will probably get reputation with The Anglers maxed out by next week doing three fishing dailies and that will get me the water strider mount.

I also discovered the rewards you can get by catching fish in Darkmoon Faire. There is a stingray mount called Darkwater Skate, from a vendor called Galissa Sundew, whom sells it for 500x Darkmoon Daggerfall. They can be caught from the shores of Darkmoon Faire. Then another 250 Darkmoon Daggerfalls nets you the rest of the items from the vendor.

Playing A New Class?

I considered boosting a Shaman after a class trial, but there is so much ingame content and achievements I have not yet done on the Priest, and starting over again would probably feel like soul destroying. After all I missed most of the content between the expansions of the Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Draenor and Legion.

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