Delivering Basic Medicine to Glazkov Terminal at Irandan System

This week in Elite Dangerous I am delivering Basic Medicine to Glazkov Terminal at Irandan System.

Glazkov Terminal is the latest space station under attack by the alien Thargoids, and the station is severely compromised after the attack. Knowing this information, Basic Medicine is in high demand which has a generous resale value. I am bringing in Medicine from the nearest Industrial space dock with my large ship Anaconda 'Cat Bus'.

Basic Medine can be bought for about 200 credits but can be sold for nearly 11,000 credits at Glazkov Terminal. That's a mark-up of 5400 percent!!!!!!!!

With 368 tonnes of cargo I can produce a profit of about 4 million credits in about 15 minutes. For many commanders in this game that is a small amount, but for me that is huge.

To increase my yields I drop the two class 5 fuel tanks in my ship and equip a class 5B fuel scoop. This eliminates the weight or the tanks and increase my jump range. This also alleviates my fear of running out of fuel as I can just scoop up fuel from a suitable star along the way. This then brings my total cargo limit to 416 tonnes which nets me about 4.5 million credits per round trip!

Credits aside there is a side bonus of increasing the reputation of the minor faction in this system / station. The minor faction in this system is Sirius Inc, which is the largest faction of the galactic faction Li Yong-Rui. LYR is a faction I'd like to be friendly with because you get a 15% discount to all ship and module purchases in controlled their territories! When you are purchasing a ship for 200 million credits, that 15% discount is 30 million!

journal, 2018