Voice Warrior for Elite Dangerous

I picked up Voice Warrior from a bundle software pack yesterday. Voice Warrior is an application that allows you to execute voice commands directly for any macros you have setup. I initially trialed it on Deus Ex Mankind Divided which worked to some degree. Now I've applied it to Elite Dangerous and it works quite well.

I've assigned macros for avionics, weapon systems, navigation modules, UI panels and engine speeds. I can yell commands at space mum and she would execute my commands! Another level of immersion!

I further expanded my macros with more voice commands to execute the same repetitive tasks like charging the Frame Shift Drive, turning the ship lights on and off, raising and lowering the landing gears, deploying heat sinks etc. This means i have a hands free setup once the ship is pointed in the direction i want. I think the next step of immersion is adding an Oculus Rift to my setup.

Voice Warrior relies on your game or application's built in keybinds so it does rely on you being able to map the key strokes especially for complex multi-step tasks. I was unsuccessful in getting the Requesting Docking script to work because of the game's unpredictable latency. This macro requires going into the Navigation UI panel, selecting the contacts tab, selecting the Station in the list, requesting docking and then leaving that UI panel. It's a repetitive task that would have been great if you could set it up as a macro.

It is similar to Voice Attack but this app is far cheaper.

journal, 2018