Oz Comic Con Sydney

I've taken a two year break from pop culture conventions now. I burnt out and stopped taking photography altogether. The stress, the anxiety, the financial burden. It felt too much work and so I left my hobby/job behind after wrapping up the last of the work contracts. I kept my gear in top condition though because I thought I would revisit it when my head space was in a better place.

This was pretty much last minute. Brad told me about cheap tickets on the Sunday (50% off) and I realised the cosplay championships was on. And there were a bunch of friends in the cosplay scene I have probably not seen in a long time. I arrived at Darling Harbour at 8am and proceeded to the new convention centre.

What an amazing difference in terms of crowds. The Saturday I was told was unbelievably over crowded, and Sunday morning there was barely anyone in the queue!

No wonder they were offloading tickets at a discount in a last minute effort to get more patrons!

It took about two hours to wade through the exhibition halls with Tim Souter. Once again I didn't buy anything. I generally don't pick up stuff at conventions.

Then I met some people at Cosplay Central throughout the day. The photographer's area was largely occupied by William's Final Fantasy Bahamut costume. It was his entry to the Sydney stage of the OZCC Cosplay Championships. It was enormous!

The new venue is refreshing but disappointing. The exhibit hall was pretty small but there is a large open roof top area where all the photographers and cosplayers hang out. I found a beautiful exhibition hall metallic door, that has been painted with a matte thunder gray paint. It's even got small rivets that could be used as a guide for perspective alignment! It was the perfect background! The new #WanaWall!

Finding a full group of Marvel superhero cosplays prompted me to get the camera out... :) Finally something cool to photograph!

More photographs to be found here.

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