Upgrading ArcGIS

We've been talking about upgrading the GIS software at work for a while now. I've been here for two years and we're still on ArcGIS 10.1. It's 2017 already! I upgraded to ArcGIS 10.5.1 the moment it was released on the home license.

And it should be no surprise that we are still on Microsoft Office 2010. HAHAHA

I can accept outdated Microsoft Office since it doesn't really change our workflow all that much but there are some significant optimisation and improvements to ArcGIS between 10.1 and 10.5.x! And we are paying for the advanced corporate license!

I don't really get to make these decisions in my position. It's a lesson for my future self should I administrator an enterprise GIS server of my own. Keep up with the developments of the software and the trends.

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