Starship Troopers Traitor Of Mars Review

Starship Troopers Traitor Of Mars is set after the events of Invasion. The main character Johnny Rico has been demoted to the rank of colonel, and relocated to a satellite near Mars to train a new batch of infantry.

The colony on Mars falls prey to a bug attack. Most of the citizens and troopers stationed on Mars were annihilated. Johnny Rico and his platoon was forced to evacuate from their satellite and descend upon the planet via orbital drop.

Meanwhile back on Earth the sky marshall is making a play to seize power, and gain overwhelming social and political capital by proposing to blow up Mars. Rico of course is sent to prevent the Q Bomb from blowing up the planet. He gets a bit of help along the way and we see some badass action of Rico in a power suit.

Rico's former romantic interest Dizzy appears on planet Mars to guide him to his objective. It becomes apparent that the ghastly visage is Karl telepathically manipulating Rico's memories. He nearly breaks character when Rico admits that Karl, his best friend had become distant because of his important responsibility to protect the federation.

Overall I enjoyed this movie and hopefully I'll be able to get it on DVD. The computer graphics is decent. I like that they reunited the original cast from the 1997 live action movie. Casper Van Dien assumes his role as the voice of Johnny Rico, and Dina Meyer assumes her role as Dizzy Flores. Other voice actors from the 2012 movie "Invasion" also assume various roles in the new movie.

I like that Carmen makes a return to this franchise too. To me it's important that they brought back the main cast of the 1997 movie because you can see how far they've changed over the series. I wonder if there will be future movies set in the Starship Trooper universe?

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