New Ryzen 7 Build Revision

Assuming I get all the parts in the next couple of days, this will be a $4k PC build, plus a new 144hz monitor and accessories (like keyboard, audio and mouse needs replacing as existing are circa 1994-2001 era).

I've been fairly PATIENT! The last time i looked at the parts list was February this year. There have been some bios revisions to the AM4 motherboards in the period, and the prices have fluctuated in my favor somewhat, and as optimisations are made to the AMD Ryzen platform it's time to look at building my new workstation soon.

My current rig is reaching 8 years soon, and whilst it functions perfectly I am in need of a place to store some archives.

Changes from February 2017

  1. Downgraded CPU from the flagship AMD 1800x to the 1700x. It's about $250 difference for 5% performance at the top end.
  2. Downgraded SSD from Samsung 960 PRO 1TB M.2 to the Samsung 960 EVO 500GB M.2 because it's a saving of about $302, which can then be put into a Western Digital Black 6TB costing $400, which fills my requirements for space. I'll just do more file shuffling for certain applications that require the SSD performance.
  3. Replaced the Corsair 750x PSU for the EVGA 750 G2, it was about $50 cheaper and no real measure to indicate either one is better performance wise.
  4. Replaced water cooling AIO option with a high quality air cooler from Noctua. Basically I cbf'd dealing with water cooling and the Fractal R5 case will keep the noise to a minimum with built in sound dampeners. I don't expect the push the overclocks very much so hopefully temperatures will remain manageable.
  5. All prices listed are in Australian dollars.

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