Two weeks till my annual leave. I'm planning to do some sight seeing in NSW, TAS and VIC (scouting to buy a house). I'm unsatisfied with my current situation and I really want to have my own home away from the outrageously priced Sydney. I want my own place to stash my junk, and staying in this city will never bring me happiness. That is how I feel about the housing situation at the moment.

I know it's affecting my mental health but realistically there is not a lot I can do about the housing crisis. I've done all the research and calculations to know that I cannot afford to buy in Sydney. I'm earning above average money already but this is as far as I can go, given my current skills/experience. To make the next leap on the career ladder I would need to become an administrator which isn't possible right now at this stage of my career.

So my "home" could still be at the parents whilst I work in Sydney, but my own space may be well out of Sydney's metropolitan area. I've been looking at a few areas to the North and South West of Melbourne, the Central Coast and Gosford area, the Central Plains of NSW (Bathurst and Orange) and Tasmania (Launceston and Hobart). I'm in favor of any areas within 3 hours of Sydney as I can just drive. Tasmania is nice but I would have to fly there regularly. If Victoria then i would most likely be trying to get work in Melbourne or Geelong.

My biggest consideration is for the area to have NBN or faster broadband internet. As so much of my work and livelihood is online, a high speed connection is vital to the premises. There are only so many corridors or areas currently that have the type of internet connectivity i desire (within a reasonable cost).

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