ArcGIS: Custom Angular Units Troubleshooting

Editing this block of land has given me nothing but trouble this week, but I have discovered the solution now. I leant another feature of ArcGIS unintentionally but the problem was easy to fix. The struggle was asking the correct question, in order to know what keywords to use to find a solution on the internet. It's hard to ask for help if you don't know what question to ask! It took longer than anticipated but this is part of the job of a GIS officer - solving day to day problems (normally outside your control) and finding solutions to get the job done.

There is certainly an art to cutting parcels if you want to ensure that the size and shape are as close to the subdivision plan as possible. Whilst no cadastre layer will be survey accurate in NSW, I try to get the polygons as close to the design as possible. In the cadastral plan above I started with parcel 4 from the outside perimentre and worked my way around the traverses. Parcel 4, then Parcel 3, then Parcel 2 and then Parcel 1.

Then Parcel 10, Parcel 11.

Then finish off the closed section of the road, the curved bit, and the long straight section of the proposed road.

Then wrap around and finish Parcel 5, Parcel 6, Parcel 7, Parcel 8 and lastly Parcel 9.

Viola! Not perfect, but finished!

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