First Year Of Spatial Information Officer

Today marks my first year of the Spatial Information Officer role, in the Design and Mapping section of Hawkesbury City Council. I left a Town Planning career after about 7 years in Development Planning and Strategic Land Use Planning because I wanted to focus on maps and projects involving data analysis and delivery. In essence I have achieved that by working in this role because I have been responsible for a variety of spatial information, land registration and road infrastructure asset management projects.

Apart from the long commute to work, I don't have any complaints about my current job. I'm learning new things all the time and quite content with the requirements of the role. I update land and property records; digitise road infrastructure assets in the Council's geographic information system; and provide a service to the Council and the general public to the best of my ability.

Furthering my development I want to add a RPA pilot license, aerial photography and some 3D to my skill set in the next financial year. Although it is not essential to my day-to-day job. I will be utilising my past experience and re-engaging with my 3D skills which I was a subject matter expert in 2011. I also want my ESRI certifcations.

Just a bunch of things in the pipeline for 2016-2017 to expand my experience and skills in the spatial industry.

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