Data Request I

One of the things we do in a GIS department is to provide data to customers when they ask for it. Often we are not even told what the data is being used for, just that the customer wants it quickly and we are to assume they know what they are doing.

Today I'm given short notice that something big is going on with a customer and that the data request is extremely urgent. So my instructions were to drop everything I'm doing and prioritise this big job. The problem is when I think about what the customer plans to do with the data, the more confused I am as to why it is necessary to obtain our GIS Department's data.

Why is it confusing? Because the customer has the 'master copy'. Yes, they own the data we have a copy of, and don't actually need our information to do what they've said were in the process of doing. We comply with their silly request because that's our job. We have to be viewed as cooperating with the customer through this confusing service request.

I'm sure this will come back to us (if there are any issues), but I've extracted the information as per their request. Should be interesting to see what happens next.

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