Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright & Conquest

I've been playing Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright & Conquest pretty heavily for the last week. Fire Emblem Fates is a sequel to Fire Emblem Awakenings, a Japanese 3DS game featuring turn based tactical combat systems and a story driven plot.

You control a male/female protagonist who is a prince/princess caught between two royal families (or Kingdoms of Hoshido / Nohr). Both games begin the same path, but branch off at Chapter 6 when you have to choose a side. In the third expansion Revelation you can elect not to choose a side and start your own faction.

I picked up physical copies of both Birthright and Conquest because I like to put the cartridges into my PowerSaves for 3DS to skip some of the grindier elements of these games. The grind is of no interest to me and skipping it means I have more time to chew through my backlog of games. :)

I finished the Birthright in about 20 hours and am currently progressing through the Conquest path. Conquest is definitely more challenging and you don't get to grind levels and money in between chapters. I recommend starting with Birthright for gamers new to the series, and if it continutes to pique your interest then procure Conquest. The final path, Revelations is also available digitally on the 3DS store.


In Birthright I picked a Hoshian Prince and married the songstress Aqua/Azura. We had two children: Kana and Shigura. I made Kana my bodyguard, and she was later upgraded to a Hoshian Noble using a Master Seal. Kana is a great combination for my MC as she literally adores her father and can also transform into a dragon (if required). The ingame banter is just lovely between father and daughter. Overall Birthright was a kickass campaign and I'm glad to have picked up Fire Emblem Birthright.


In Conquest I am currently a Nohrian Princess fighting to meet the demanding expectations of "Father" (or the King of Nohr). The campaign moves from one impossible mission to the next and it is clear that the battles are meant to be hard, if not impossible to beat.

I've yet to decide whom I'll marry the MC to. At 6 hours in to the campaign it is clear that this campaign is quite different to Birthright and the Hoshian Royalty, where most of the family members there just miss the MC in his/her absence. The Nohrian Royalty "tolerates" the MC in Conquest, with the exception of the King and his retainers who are just evil.

There is a possibility that I will replay Conquest at some stage as a Nohr Prince as it would bring about a different set of retainers and love interests.

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