Day 1 photos from SMASH 2016. I may be getting old. I felt quite out of place all weekend. Still trying to figure out what I would do at conventions when I am not taking photos. Maybe this is what worries me, without my photography I'm not enjoying the convention like I used to and I would be plain old George. -_-

I dragged the Godox AB600's on site but after one test shot i packed it up. I wasn't in the mood and I was sharing the space with too many shooters in the area. When I work i go into a trance and only focus on the photo shoot. But with so many distractions I couldn't get into the zone.

Test Shot Godox AB600Ms

Wahid cooperated with my test shot and it was awesome. The lights are great but I will need a better modifier. I think i'll stick with branded modifiers because they've worked well for me in the past even if it is somewhat pricier than generic modifiers.

Canon 200mm L 'Prime Pipe'

I had a lot of shots done with the Prime Pipe. Nobody else in the convention has this lens. It's just not practical and nobody thinks about buying one let alone using it at a convention. This is the lens I went with.

I love the way the lens render the background and if you use it correctly it's one of the sharpest lens in Canon's L range.

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