No Man's Sky Fixed... Sorta

After a week of dicking around I have found a solution to resolve the white screen of death in No Man's Sky (NMS). No thanks to the bastards at Hello Games who clearly did not do any sort of Quality Assurance Testing for the PC port. In other news also refused to refund the buggy pos game so this will be the last time I preorder anything from

A user on Reddit posted a working solution for us with older AMD HD6000 series GPUs that do not support OpenGL 4.5. Basically the developers lied about the minimum requirements to operate the game. Then tweeted that they don't support any hardware older than OpenGL 4.5. But then a user found out the game doesn't even need OpenGL 4.5 to operate. The solution was to bypass a piece of code that forces the game to crash after initialising. It works after the third party solution to bypass the OpenGL 4.5 check.

The game still stutters like a dog dragging it's butt on gravel everytime the game tries to calculate a new "scene". This is quite noticeable on foot and on the planets. I'll continue to tweak the settings until the game is at an acceptable level of stuttering.

In my first three hours I managed to repair my ship, refuel the ship, get off world, trade and blow things up. My next task is to find the technology to build a hyper drive.

All the problems associated with NMS could have been addressed if they simply did QA testing. It looks like they didn't bother or assumed that Sony (the publisher) had it covered. It wasn't in Sony's interest to QA test for the PC version.

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