Fox Busters Interactive Map

Fox Busters interactive map is now ready. I don't think I would ever present a map this way. It's way too much work to begin with, and when you need to make changes it's just as difficult to register the new information. Back to ArcGIS Online!

TAFE tried to teach me how to use Javascript and HTML to create interactive maps but i think they should have just stuck with ArcGIS Online or open GIS software that can pretty much do the same thing just as easily.

The assessments have now been submitted and the Statement of Attainment should be on its way once I get the final assignment marked. Can't say i enjoyed the course content and it wasn't worth $500 or whatever the course was supposed to cost. I signed up under the impression that the course fees were waived as part of the trial of Albury TAFE's eLearning software.

Below is the leaflet interactive map... Never again!

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