Mass Effect: Femme Shepard Action Figurine

I photographed Brad and Melissa's toy collection on Sunday. This is Melissa's Femme Shepard action figurine for Mass Effect.

Shot in a tent using my new battery powered Godox AD600BMs. They have a satisfying "POP" every time the light goes off. I love them!

The placement of the toy took a bit of time but once it's ready to shoot, then it's just a matter of finding the right angle, positioning the lights and firing away.

The editing process involves removing creases in the background and enhancing brightness, levels, colours and contrast. I also mixed some channel masks to create the hot pink effect as I didn't use gels for this photograph.

Overall I love this shoot. Everything was easy and the figurines look spectacular. I should be able to apply this method to just about anything that'll fit into a tent.

photography, macro, strobist, toys, mass effect, action figures