Customising My Padded Storage Case

After thinking about what to store inside my Bunnings padded case I came up with this:

  • Battery
  • Monobloc
  • Recharger + cables
  • H600 extension unit

Works well enough. I might shift the monobloc up a bit more in the second case and perhaps reconfigure the H600 extension unit as I carved a lot of foam out to fit the cables which probably wasn't necessary. I should also use a heated knife rather than sawing my way through the foam. It's quite messy and difficult with just a stanley knife!

The case is fairly heavy now but it should protect the contents. I'll still need to cart the stuff around at conventions but it won't be as exposed to the elements as my previous method with the Godox coffin case. I had to unload the gear from the case in order to move it into the car. This method i can just take it out of the car and load onto an upright trolley. I will need a Pelican 1600 for the rest of my camera gear and light modifiers though. I'll need to look around soon as convention season is around the corner.

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