ArcGIS: Adding XY Data (Man Hole Covers)

My colleague had some problems importing XY map data to ArcGIS. I recently did something similar for TAFE importing XY values for a spatial project in the Lockart Shire Council LGA.

I believe this survey data is from man hole covers for the sewer line in Windsor NSW. I first imported a base map to get the geographic extent of the study area. Then I imported the XY values as a table in a file geodatabase with the same datum/projection. I ensured that the XY values were treated as "double" rather than "text" because ArcGIS can't read XY data if they were set to another data type. My colleague was attempting to import values directly from Excel but ArcGIS was treating the X column was integer and the Y column as text. It didn't work.

The solution was to define the data type and import the data from the Excel spreadsheet to the custom table. This removes the data type issue and then ArcGIS should have no trouble reading our geographic coordinates.

After 15 minutes of configuration and running the load script... viola!

Don't you love it when things just work?

Being the last geographic challenge of the day, I'm going home to play more Black Desert Online!

arcgis, workflow, xy data, geocoding, sewer, infrastructure, mapping