Do Not Service Your Cars At Top Ride Tyre And Auto Centre

Last Friday I went to Top Ryde Shopping Centre and had my tyre repaired by the mechanics at the Top Ride Tyre and Auto Centre. They charged $29 for a puncture repair, but it seems that they didn't do the job properly. The tyre deflated along Windsor Road. It was terrifying to discover that the puncture hole had reopened after only 20km and upon inspection I heard a loud hissing noise, and felt a torrent of air escaping from the tyre.

I rolled into Tyreright Windsor and asked their mechanics to inspect the damaged tyre. It wasn't good news. It seems like the mechanics at Top Ride patched it with a push-in plug which was deemed illegal (for vehicle repair workshops). They put me at risk by making me think that the tyre was repaired when all they did was put a bandaid on top. According to multiple websites, the correct process for repairing a tyre was:

  • Take the tyre off the vehicle;
  • Inspecte for puncture or damage;
  • Determine if it can be legally repaired (can't repair the outer tread or side walls);
  • Remove the cause of the puncture (nails, glass, rocks, shrapnel etc);
  • Repair the puncture from the inside;
  • Test it for leaks.

This process should have taken twenty minutes for most licensed mechanics. Instead the people at Top Ride pulled the nail out then used a basic push-in plug, and called it a day. Those fuckers! I don't need to visit a repair workshop if they were going to do that! I could do it with a repair kit from Super Cheap Auto for $10!

Tyreright mechanics inspected the tyre and informed me that they removed the previous plug, and patched it from the inside. They explained that it wasn't best practice for tyre repair workshops because the mechanics should have known that it wasn't a permanent repair. It's a temporary seal for road worthy vehicles (enough to get you to a workshop to have it repaired properly). They also suggested I get my money back because the job wasn't done. At $64 I could almost pay for a new tyre! Who goes to a tyre repair workshop to have it repaired temporarily anyway?

It was ridiculous that any business would even consider doing temporary fixes considering the kind of risks you place on your customer. If an accident occured it wouldn't be difficult to determine the cause and if a tyre blow out was the cause then it would lead straight back to the workshop. It seems insane but maybe they were just lazy.

I'll know by the end of the week if I'll need a new tyre or not as I currently commute up to 500km per week. If the air holds then Tyrerights did the job properly. But I'll be making a stop at "Top Ride" at the end of a week for an angry chat with their workshop manager. He told me a story last time about how they were licensed and qualified, and that other workshops in the area don't look after their customers like they do. Sorry but after this incident I don't believe a damn thing. They knowingly sent me away thinking my tyre was repaired so it should be interesting to see what excuses they will come up with.

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