Intramaps: Map Templates in Office Word 2010

I've been assigned to work on some map templates for Intramaps using Micrsoft Word 2010. The map templates are used when exporting maps from Intramaps to PDF. The boss initially tried to cut and paste images of the legends into the map templates, but it generated some unusual results. It's up to me to do it because the boss have other things to do.

I'm converting the images into Office Word's smart shapes and text boxes. This is tedious because not only do I nudge the text boxes into place, I also have to transfer the same colours across. This is done by using the eyedropper tool in Microsoft Paint, then identifying the exact RGB colour values, then inserting the colour into Word using the custom colour fill tool.

In the image below I'm transferring the colours from the legend on the left side to the smart shapes on the right side (the legend on the left is actually an image, where as the legend on the right are individual objects consisting of text boxes and polygon shapes):

There are templates for A3 and A4 paper sizes. It'll be fiddly to make sure both map template legends look similar at different scales. Word is not a great application for precision layouts and custom styles like Adobe Indesign. I'll have to eyeball it.

The completed map templates and legends:

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