ArcGIS: Layer Properties > Symbology > Symbol Level

I know it isn't best practice GIS to create topologically incorrect feature classes but if you're ever in the situation where you've created multiple overlapping polygons in a geographic extent and wish to change the order of display there is a function in the layer properties of Arc Map. In Adobe Photoshop all you would do is to move the layers to the top of the stack but it's not that easy in Arc Map.

In this image the dark blue strip creek should be on top of the green mass vegetation but Arc Map has displayed this incorrectly. I also want the red dotted line site boundary to be on top of all other symbology.

Right click on the layer, go to the layer properties and select the symbology tab. It makes it a lot easier if you label your features!

If you click on Advanced button you'll get Symbol Levels. Here you can see that the order by default (which displays Native Vegetation at the top).

Sort the symbols as appropriate.

Refresh the Main Display.

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