Crime Mapping for Portland, Oregon, USA

I am flagging this map as a future mapping project. There has to be crime stats of the Sydney metropolitan area which I could tap into and create a similar data driven map using open source applications and ArcGIS Online. The article from Directions Magazine describes the use of GIS for local crime mapping in the city of Portland, Oregon. This isn't the first time I've watched this city with great interest. It seems they are miles ahead than any other city in the world when it comes to infrastructure asset management (including their 3D City project).

It's not enough for me to just maintain and update spatial information. I need to figure out best practices in developing applications, extending functionality and providing corporate solutions to expand the accessibility and usage of all kinds of spatial information. I think this is my next goal as a Spatial Information Professional which means some course work in ICT or software development will be on the horizon.

The titles Aplications Developer or Solutions Architect sounds good! Spatial Information Officer is just the start.

local crime, mapping, city of portland, oregon, usa, gis