Last night I cleared the Talador zone quests in World of Draenor. I wasn't paying attention to the story at all, I just wanted to get through the requirements for the Draenor Flying achievement.

I've also been trying to get through Beauty and the Beast season 2 DVDs. I'm up to episode 8 or 9. Chandler's emotional state is a train wreck but at least Gabe's involvement in her life seems to be drawing to a close. Gabe loves Chandler but it was kind of stupid and forced into the story. He seems to swing from mood to mood and has an axe to grind with Vincent. The latest plot twist seems to be that of Vincent copping a murder charge for the killing of Tori's father. Firstly only a handful of people know about it, and second... Chandler dumps Gabe in one scene, and then the police/SWAT show up the morning after to arrest Vincnent at Chandler's apartment (Vincent doesn't even use the front door).

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