Procedural Street Cross Sections

I was recently required to present a map of a neighbourhood centre, and show several new designs of the streets. Normally an urban designer would start up AutoCAD or similar design suite and painstakingly draw the street cross sections. It might take a full day to come up with several street concepts. In comes the procedural street cross section designer from Similar to the lighting diagrams I have used in the past, one can now build entire street cross sections in minutes and have a bit of fun along the way!

The advantage of using Street Mix was that it was lightning fast. After the initial street design conceptualisation, I pulled the elements I wanted onto the street layout, adjusted the widths and the final layout was ready for presentation in fifteen minutes! I did three in under an hour!

Because the street and town centre concept was a work related task I won't be link it here until it is publicly available, so in lieu I have prepared a fictional George Street by the sea!

street mix, street design, cross section, urban design