Sarena & Victor's Wedding

Today I witnessed two friends become family. It was a beautiful Chinese wedding for close friends and relatives.

I usually turn down wedding photography. I don't enjoy doing them which is why I stick to advertising and corporate work. But when a close friend asks for your help for the most important day of their life - you don't give them excuses!

I would say I nailed the group portraits (which are the most important!) indoors and outdoors. I struggled with candid moments which was unfortunate, but I'm rarely working without strobes, and my struggles became apparent as I over-exposed multiple times during critical moments, then having to resort to full auto!

How embarrasing! Never would have thought favoring off-camera flashes would result in my camera operation skills deteoriating so much in naturally lit scenes.

The Money Shot

Below is the money shot. The one that I had to nail because this is the "new family portrait" for both families of the bride and the groom.


I used two flashes. One on camera left through a white brolly at 1/4 power, the other pointed on camera right pointed at the ceiling at 1/2 power. If there was room I would've used studio lights but this was a small space around 3m wide x 4m long x 4m high.


The original photo had a host of problems but was easily corrected in post production. My main challenge was having all the cute little babies face the lens and I got there eventually. The first thing I fixed was the seamless red background.

Then I corrected the wooden panel on the left. I should have shuffled everyone to the right, but didn't have time on the scene, so I ended up having to clone stamp the heck out of the image. I corrected the exposure across the image to ensure every face is correctly exposed. The final steps are adjustments to levels, colour vibrance and lens correction.

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