Sword Coast Legends Head Start

I downloaded the Sword Coast Legends (SCL) headstart access program on Steam this weekend!

I played it with a couple of gamers from The Older Gamers and we ran through several player and developer made modules. It was fun! My friend particularly enjoyed Dungeon Master mode (DM) whilst I spent over 26 hours (so far) in the module builder writing quests; designing locations, characters, monster sets; and building my personal stronghold.

The loot system needs work. All loot is random and you can't assign custom items in module builder that I've seen so far. The following situation comes to mind...

There is currently a lot of negativity surrounding the headstart access. Don't let the hardcore D&D elements spoil it for you on game review sites and forums. The developer has done a good job and the game is what you make of it. Design your own adventure and have fun!

SCL can be purchased for about USD$35 and will release at the end of September.

Personal Modules

My first module is called "Protecting the Devil's Gauntlet" and you'll find it if you try to search for this module in SCL. It is currently in development but I've already released version 1.6. I'll update the module further once the game is released.

I'm particularly fond of rat traps... :)

I'll also created another module called "Devil's Gauntlet Adventurer Trainer" which is a way to fast-level a character by doing a bunch of quests in a relatively short period of time. It should be enough to get you from level 1 to 10 in one instance. The module isn't just quick thing I banged together like some of the others available. I've put in an easy adventure plus several practice zones for players who want the role playing experience. There are some bugs at the moment, so I won't publish this until the game releases.

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