ARK Survival Evolved: DG Middle Base

This is my base on the TOG server. I named it DG Middle Base as the tribe has five bases on the island. There is also DG Northern, DG Southern, DG Sea Base and DG East. I took screenshots of the base as our tribe has given up on ARK for now and will be moving to Skyforge Open Beta.

I should document DG South and DG North bases as our tribe put a fair amount of effort into establishing those bases. It would be a shame to lose track of our work as the bases do fall apart over time.

Middle Base was established to allow our tribe to park dinosaurs and birds overnight as we traversed the map. It features a stone fort and walls all the way around the perimetre, stone water pipes from the river, a small farming section and a dinosaur pen that's fully enclosed. The reinforced dinosaur gates will fit most creatures except for Mammoths or larger.

Middle Base also has a stone bridge connecting two cliff faces which anyone could use to cross safely. It was a monumental effort as stone bridges take a lot of resources and time.

DG Middle Base Exterior

DG Middle Base Interior Dinosaur Pen

DG Middle Base Tower Exterior

DG Middle Base Tower Basement

DG Middle Base Tower Living Quarters

DG Middle Base Tower Roof

DG Stone Bridge

The wild Argentavis is a pest!

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