TERA Online: The Daily Grinder

Five days. I've played TERA for five days straight. It only took me 3 days with Elite Status and Double XP to go from Levels 1 to 53. Then two more days to go from 53 to 60!

Steam suggests I've clocked more hours in TERA than Killing Floor 2! 70+ hours verse the ~50 hours already spent on Killing Floor 2 early access.

I should be in shock but I'm not that surprised. TERA hooks you in if you enjoy a good MMOG grind. I'm very good at these kinds of games - repetitive grinds for loot and experience points. As long as there is a goal I will hunt it with ruthless efficiency.

The healer was an excellent choice during the new Gunner class introduction. Players who are on the Gunner class suggest that they are waiting up to 1 hour for dungeon queues. As a Priest (healer) I only wait up to 5 minutes, sometimes it is instant especially during North American prime time: 5am to 2pm (Sydney GMT +10:00)

I think i'll subscribe to the game for the EXP, Gold and Reputation boosts. My time is valuable and I dont want to get bored as there is a lot of stuff to catch up on.

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