ArcGIS: 10.3 Install

Couldn't sleep, decided to remove ArcGIS 10.2 and install 10.3 since the new version has been released for about a month. The changelog is linked. I need to finish the tutorials for CityEngine 2015 too.

I'm installing:

  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.3
  • Data Interroperability
  • License Manager
  • Data Reviewer
  • 3D Analyst

Despite my best efforts I still need help installing ArcGIS. Its handy ESRI have many resources online with step by step instructions.

Took about 2 hours to remove 10.2 and install 10.3. Its now up and running and licenses authorized.

I'll also install ArcGIS Pro which is a visualisation app for GIS data. This is a new feature for version 10.3 and incorporates data from ArcGIS online and local data.

Changes to Geodatabase

I noticed 10.3 has the option to attach a license to Geodatabases.

You can share data in a file geodatabase with other people and apply a license that determines the length of time they can use the data or whether they can export feature classes.

For example, if you are a professor and want to provide data to your students for one semester, you can give the students a file geodatabase that contains data that is licensed to expire at the end of the semester. Or, if you hire a contractor to analyze a set of data but you don't want the contractor to export the data, you can provide the contractor with a file geodatabase that is licensed to not allow data exports.

Well that could be annoying for future data collection, but luckily a lot of spatial organisations wont be using 10.3 straight away.

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