Skyforge: Weekly Caps

The weekly cap is a major issue in Skyforge as found out by many Closed Beta testers. The development team is going to keep it in the game and some testers are getting their founder's money back. Good on them. The principle of the matter is that the weekly caps are quite draconian. You can easily hit the caps through casual gameplay. I myself hit them at about 15 hours game play. That's like two to three days of gameplay. It's pretty bad since you get no progression once you hit the caps!

When my friends suggested "lets try skyforge" and they all went ape and dropped $70 on a founder's pack. They are now regretting it.

I was skeptical. I spotted marketing propaganda when they first announced the packs. After all I JUST came from a founders pack for Archeage and that was a hot mess! So I bought the $20 pack to give the game a go. Given what i've seen so far, $20 is good value for money. It's not a terrible game, but it has the potential to get a lot worse through poor customer service and the questionable payment model. You may have to mortgage the house to play this game competitively!

The Paladin costume could use a tweak though... the mini skirt is ridiculous when the men are in full plate armor!

Need a refund?

Quoted from "Ryu"
Well actually I'm just waiting for my refund to process. They were pretty clear about their stance on caps, and I just don't care about anything else they can do. I will not support a game that seeks to impose limits as such.

Quoted from "Oroku"
How do you even go about asking for a refund?

If support won't help you, keep a record of their response.

"A game without limits" is this game's advertising slogan. Take a video / screenshot / the multiple announcements that keep that propaganda in the press.

There was no reasonable way you could know about the caps unless you've bought the founders pack and tried the game. And we can all agree the weekly caps were misleading. You couldn't possibly have known until you hit the caps... and that was about 20 hours into the "closed beta demo".

Then take a screen cap of the "weekly caps" threads and multiple complaints on the forums. Type up a short summary of what the complaints are about, and why you want a refund, then include the responses from support (if they refused to refund). Then put in the words "the product was misleading or falsely advertised" which is enough justification for statutory laws for refunds (in most countries, you may have to check your local laws).

Take print outs of their advertising slogans, type up a summary of why you want a refund (for the bank), then go to your bank /credit provider and supply the physical evidence. Your credit card company will execute a chargeback if they accept your justification.

Note: it'll definitely close your Skyforge account as it'll breach one of the payment clauses under the game's Terms of Use, but if you're considering refunds already, you won't care.

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