Zhiana's Dr Who

First image from Zhiana's Dr Who photo shoot. The main challenge was the "racooning" effect on her face before I edited the image. I had to selectively correct it in Photoshop with multiple complex masks. I didn't use any strobes so I had no control of the scene. I only played with what available light there was. I added the light effects for her sonic screwdriver using a reference image of a green laser pointer. I duplicated this layer a couple of times and distorted it until I achieved the desired intensity.

I captured it with my Canon 6D + Sigma 50mm Art, 1/160s f/2 ISO 200. During the shoot I had problems with the UV filter causing autofocus to fail. When i removed it the filter, the lens would focus normally.

Overall the image was acceptable and her fans seem to love it. I like how vivid the colours are. I'll be sure to use more of that next time.

zhiana, dr who, photoshop, editing