Canon 24mm f/3.5 TS-E L II

I bought the Canon 24mm TS-E L II last night and decided to capture a few product shots this morning. This thing is heavy! It weighs more than any other lens in my kit. I'm struggling with focus and sharpness at the moment but I'll need to do more tests. It's possible that the lens isn't calibrated but I'm not entirely certain I'm using it properly. It's a good thing the technical manuals can be found online. One of the knobs was stuck when I brought it home. The previous owner didn't have the heart to tell me it was stuck. Lucky i found a solution and loosened the knob without issue.

I'm going to take it out to the city tomorrow and give it a whirl! I think i'll upgrade my tripod though. The Sony video tripod i have is very difficult to make precise changes to adjust for composition and distortions. It is like taking a sledgehammer to a locked door. I'm going to see if the camera stores in the city have the Manfrotto 190 series tripod, and the XPro3 geared heads. It's not cheap, but if i'm ever going to use this lens properly, I'll need one sturdy tripod with a head that allows for precision adjustments.

This is going to be my kit for architecture and interior work. It took me a while to decide if I wanted a tilt-shift lens or just a UWA. I decided to go with the tilt-shift because distortions are important to me. Despite Canon's best efforts with the latest UWA zoom, the distortions are still present and wouldn't look right if I took photographs for an architect or interior designer.

This lens has a steep learning curve. But with a bit of effort I know I can master it.

Here are more shots of the lens from different angles:

I think i'll need a piece of clear plastic underneath my product shots. The nylon cloth material creases underneath the item and I kind of want that reflection underneath the object.

photography, tilt shift, canon, product, architecture