Guild Wars 2: Storm Buffs Isle Borderlands with AKD

Massive engagements in World vs World (WvW) after the reset at 11am this morning. Five major PVP guilds from Yak's Bend (YB) fielded armies against the combined strength of Storm Buff Isle's (SBI) and Hedge of Denravi (HoD).

Last week YB faced off in WvW against Fort Aspenwood and Dragonbrand. Both enemy servers dominated the YB server on home Borderlands, Eternal Battlegrounds and the Mists. This week everyone rallied their armies and smashed all three fronts. It was good for morale and I saw some wicked battles led by very good commanders from A Kingdom Divided (AKD).

It's been a long time since I've done WvW with an organised army and I feel like AKD is worth my time.


I saw this elementalist amongst the AKD back liner group. She looked awesome!

This Charr was cute.

AKD on SBI Borderlands

Five commanders of YB Borderlands attacked the SBI home borderlands. Our commanders led smaller raiding parties of up to 10-20. SBI's field army was led by General Brannon who had estimated around 50+ infantry plus their zerg.

Our teams hit their towers, keeps and camps on multiple fronts. It forced them to divide their attention between hard-hitting our territory and defending their garrison. With one massive army, they were forced to make some tough choices. With multiple smaller armies on YB, we had better coordination even if we get wiped by the enemy forces multiple times.

The important thing as always, was that it was fun! WvW should be about strategy, leadership and team work and YB although outmatched against SBI on their home turf still managed to go toe-to-toe with SBI's largest WvW group.

AKD getting steam rolled by SBI blob! Ow!

I will need to work on my warrior build and increase the toughness and healing power. These engagements are very hard hitting and it's no fun spending my time on the ground and running back to the group.

HoD all but gave up on the SBI borderlands. By the end of the raid (5 hours later) YB had dominated all maps: 75% of Eternal Battlegrounds including Stone Mist Castle. We had 100% YB and 95% HoD borderlands. Our world score was double of the other two factions!

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