Battle Bunny and Maid Nia BTS

Behind the scenes for Battle Bunny (Natchi Cosplay) and Maid Nia (Kristyleigh Cosplay). Two gorgeous ladies with a wonderful sense of humor. It was a lot of fun today.

Shot at Fagan Park in Galston, about 30km north of Sydney CBD. I was a bit concerned about the weather as its been cloudy/overcast for the last couple of days. Even until the morning of the shoot i was going to fall back on the contingency but made a last minute change when I saw the skies from the top of Marsden Road in Telopea. It turned out to be an excellent afternoon at a fairly quiet park on a Wednesday afternoon.

Used a mixture of strobes and natural light, and putting my new Sigma 50mm Art through its paces. It is a beautiful lens no doubt about it.

Bystanders probably thought we were shooting something raunchy.

cosplay, 2014, photography, sigma 50 art, fagan park