Feisty Cuff's Zatanna

Photographed Feisty Cuffs at home this weekend. Have been churning out images over the week and have been quite happy with the results! It's satisfying when photographs match the vision / concept. It makes all the hours of preparation and setting up for the photo shoot worth it.

More images in the portfolio.

Looking back at some of my previous cosplay shoots over the past year. I have no doubt that I'm on the right track improving my conceptualisation and preparations before a shoot. Everything goes much smoother and I can spend less time fussing over details in photoshop. I'm somewhat of a purist when it comes to photography. I was taught to get it right on film technology so despite the convenience of photoshop after-the-fact, I wouldn't be satisfied if I don't try to get it right in camera. Mind you I do not have an issue using photoshop when the situation warrants it.

Also I don't think I can go back to the "candid convention photo-journalism" style anymore. It is far too embarrasing to deliver that low quality of work! :rolleyes:

You get what you pay for (especially in lunch tokens).

It seems to have become a running joke amongst event photographers in Sydney.

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