Steam Powered Games

Went on a shopping spree on Steam. All up only $50! A lot of it was free. The only ones that cost money were Door Kickers, Thief, Cosmonautica, Ancient Space. Knowing how to find specials is vital to the sustainability of a PC games enthusiast! :-)

Are they any good? Who cares! FREEBIES!

    East India Company Gold Steam Store and Retail Key

    Knights and Merchants Steam Store and Retail Key

    Magicka: Wizard Wars - Holy Knight's Robe


    Depression Quest


    Gear Up

    Darkwind: War on Wheels

    Haunted Memories

    Arena: Cyber Evolution


    No More Room in Hell

    The Plan

    Max Gentlemen

    Canyon Capers

    Cry of Fear

    The Cat and the Coup

    Fistful of Frags



    Wild Warfare Early Access Free To Play

    Heroine's Quest

    The Expendabros

    Floating Point

    Narcissu 1st & 2nd

    Rising Angels: Reborn

    Color Symphony


    Loadout Campaign Beta

    Magicka: Wizard Wars Base + Alienware

    Ancient Space


    Tropico 3 Retail

    PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ - Free Week Sep 2014

    Thief ROW

    Door Kickers Alpha

    Space Hack

    GEARCRACK Arena + Soundtrack

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