Elinchrom Deep Octa... Soon

It looks like I'm set on a full studio setup. Want a 70cm Elinchrom Deep Octa; a studio boom arm; two generic gridded strip light modifiers from Fotogenic with Bowens adapters; one or two additional Elinchrom monoblocs and gray/white background paper. That's roughly $1300 of equipment! I want to create that commercial look that some companies want for 'edgy' appearances. Usually see it in magazine covers, sports profiling and movie advertisements.

I also want to move on from the two light setup that i've been running for about a year now. I need to experiment with some overhead lighting and mix up my scenes to improve my shots.

In other news... created my latest newsletter to send to some ex-work colleagues. Useful to update them on my photography as well as catch some feedback. My style and techniques are vastly different from when I was still training to become a town planner.

photography, lighting gear, modifiers, newsletter