Gear Acqusition Syndrome

I have Gear Acquisition Syndrome again and it worries me. I've been moping around the house for a few weeks now, doing on/off searches for the 55cm and 70cm beauty dishes. The problem i have with them is the price. I recognise that beauty dishes can give unique attributes of light that can't be replicated by umbrellas or softboxes. The cheapest 70cm beauty dish + sock + grid I can source from a local supplier is Fotogenic for $150. In comparison the 55cm beauty dish + sock + grid is $169 , then a further costs shipping from Hypop.

And hence comes the dilemma: do i pick up the smaller one for higher cost, or the bigger BD for a slightly lesser cost? The smaller one is easier to transport and frankly I probably will be using them outdoors most of the time. They are wind resistant and can take a beating. The larger one is cheaper, but bulkier and heavier. I will also need to purchase a C-Stand plus boom arm to make it more useful as a hair light - how it was meant to be used. But that adds an extra 10-20kg to my total weight (C stands are heavy, and counter weights even more so)!

In my mind the 70cm BD kit is about $350 + 30kg of weight. The 55cm BD kit would be about $400. I can shave $200 / 20kg off if i dont get the C-stand + boom.

I have also looked at the new Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art! I have the 35mm and 85mm primes. The 50mm prime is currently a burning void in my camera kit!

So in summary, I am worried about GAS and you should too. GAS is temptation and the convenience of online purchases doesn't help!

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