Sailor Neptune Collaboration

I collaborated with Jasminia (of JMJ83 Photography) and Alexis (Taiga Kunn Cosplay) in a Sailor Neptune photoshoot today. It was a lot of fun sharing our ideas and coming with a few unique photographs from our combined efforts. Jasminia's vision was a smokey background with Sailor Neptune in her signature poses. Alexis did a great job with the costume and hair/make up. My role was make the lighting work.

Lighting setup

We had 5x 400W studio heads for this shoot between Jasminia and myself, but we only used four of them. Three lights in standard reflectors were assigned to illuminate the smoke from camera right and left, and one light was in a strip box to illuminate Alexis from camera left.

The tricky part was to shape the smoke in a way that benefits the camera framing. The problem with the smoke as we found out on the day, was that it seems to come out of the machine like a thick plume and then disperse relatively quickly. We had a short amount of time to photograph before the smoke would fill up the shooting space. We had to blow it away with an industrial fan to reset each scene.

Sailor Nepture

Photographer JMJ83 Photography

Model, Hair/Makeup Taiga Kunn Cosplay

Assistants Me & Willy from BAMF Monkey Cosplay

Photographs © JMJ83 Photography 2014, used with permission from copyright owner.

photography, cosplay, sailor neptune, lighting, smoke, special effects, strobist