Mike Kelley's Architectural Photography

I went and bought Mike Kelley's architectural photography tutorial from fstoppers.com yesterday because I was interested in a quick run-down in the challenges, techniques and skills involved in taking professional architectural photography. Architectural and real estate photography are very different to the skills I've been developing for my portraiture. I consider it professional development to always improve my skills through practice or learning from others.

Mike Kelley is considered one of the best in this area of expertise and I found his tutorials well presented and easy to understand. I attempted the supplied tutorial file blending several layers together in Photoshop and I can see why this is a good way to work especially when you cant possibly have strobes to cover an entire house.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Base layer supplied

Added lights to house

Added sky

Added lights to trees and bushes

If you're interested in the tutorial I bought, you can read the article at fstoppers.com or just look at Mike Kelley's amazing work.

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