Mobile Suit Gundam Sinanju

I assembled this Mobile Suit Gundam in 2008 when I was based in Hong Kong. I disassembled it for storage when we renovated the house. This afternoon I decided to put it back together and give it a proper photo shoot. I built it during a time when I was emotionally distressed after dropping out of school and not really having a plan for the future. Putting it together also brought back some unhappy memories but I kept going because it reminded me how far I've grown since.

The Gundam's callsign is Sinanju. It also has a cousin titled Unicorn. You can read about them on Wiki.

I wanted to do some product work for a while and this is as good as any to kick off my product photography skills. I've had the light cube for a while and I do have hot lights to go with the kit but I went with the Elinchrom studio strobes because it puts out a lot more power and gives me the freedom to play with the light output.

Gundam Sinanju

Metadata: 1/125s f/11 ISO 160 | Canon 100mm f/2.8 MACRO | 80cm Light cube | 2x Elinchrom RX4

Metadata: 1/160s f/11 ISO 160

I'd say its as good, if not better than the toy's official box cover art.

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