Spartacos Breton Knight Cosplay

Shot some photographs for Michael's Breton Knight cosplay from the Elder Scrolls Online game. Originally we were going to do it at a roof top car park, but time got ahead of us and it was getting late. Additionally it was too cold and windy to do it so I suggested shooting from the comfort of home. Lighting was mainly a two-light set up. Two softboxes from either side, but i did have two speedlite flashes floating around, wherever i saw fit to add them.

Breton Knights were very similar to assassins and rogues, so i used reference images from games like Assassin's Creed and Thief. I also wanted to try and achieve a shot where the identity of the person is concealed by their hood typical of fantasy assassins and rogues. I think the results speak for themselves.

Spartacos Breton Knight Cosplay

Photographer George Wong

Model, Hair/Makeup Sparta Cos

photography, cosplay, spartacos, breton, elder scrolls, lighting, strobist