Variable's Miss Marvel Cosplay

This is Variable's Miss Marvel costume. We shot this at an industrial warehouse in Prospect. It's also the second time I've taken the studio strobes and battery pack on location. There are logistical issues i still need to solve when moving lighting gear to a location. For what its worth the easiest solution is to have assistants on site. Otherwise I'll have to make multiple trips back and forth as the gear is simply too bulky or heavy to move on my own.

I really dig the backgrounds. The graffiti bring out a lot of interesting shapes, lines and colour. It's a stark contrast to Variable's Miss Marvel costume. It's such a shame that graffiti is frequently viewed as vandalism and deliquency rather than as works of art. There are some really good ones at this location.

I spent quite a bit of time on the brief. Briefs help me prepare for a shoot and its a useful way to ensure both the model and the photographers knows what the objective is. It really helps to have reference images to refer to when you run out of ideas.

Lighting setup

The above setup was the most common used for this shoot. Two 60x60cm softboxes illuminate subject from either side, plus one speedlite through white brolly from the front. I have one more bare speedlite illuminating the background in some shots. Shot at 1/160s f8-11 ISO 200. I use 1/160s because it is the fastest flash sync my Canon 6D can achieve and I don't really care much for the ambient light (not that there was much of it anyway).

Variable's Miss Marvel

Photographer George Wong

Model, Hair/Makeup Variable Cosplay

Yeah someone's going to say "BUT MISS MARVEL DOESN'T HAVE A KATANA!"

I don't care. The katana was awesome.


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