Godox LP800X Leadpower Inverter Battery Pack

I picked up a Godox Inverter battery pack for my Elinchrom studio strobes this afternoon. I wanted to take the studio packs on location and I didn't want to spend the capital necessary to utilise Elinchrom's propriety Ranger Quadra series (which is about AUD$2000-$5000 depending on the product). This battery pack will power up to 3 studio strobes up to 750 Watts. I am planning to test it out at Supanova Sydney but I'll need a way to transport the pack and strobes to my shooting spot. Might make a trip to Bunnings Warehouse and pick up a trolley to move the battery pack.

The other option was an Innovatronix Explorer Mini but I had a hard time finding a supplier for their products in Australia and international mail is expensive. Paul Buff's Vagabond Minis were also an option but I couldn't find any hard evidence on whether their power packs supported the Elinchrom RX4 studio lights that I had.

Godox brands I'm familiar with because they have a relatively large market share of photography lighting equipment in China so I went with them. Their products are also more accessible in Sydney because their distributor is located in my city.

Godox LP800X

After initial testing, I'm pretty stoked to have something like this in my kit. Will play with them tomorrow if the weather holds at Supanova. It always rains at Supanova Sydney.

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