Comic Gong

I went to Comic Gong today at Wollongong CBD Town Hall with Variable. It was a pleasant day for a cruise and we arrived by noon. A small convention meant that we were able to navigate the venue quickly and find our friends. It also meant more time to socialise and chat. I took a couple of shots in the afternoon - generall takes a few hours for me to get in the mood.

There wasn't a lot of room to work with so I had to wait for the crowds to disperse a bit. I wanted to get some detailing done on costumes with an 85mm lens, but the space just wasn't available. I decided to switch to my backup 35mm lens and used whatever background was available - in this case it was a black panel with 'Comic Gong' bookmarks taped to it, near the front of the stage.

Evey Dantes as Poison Ivy


I didn't have room or time to setup the light stand, so this was shot with one bare flashgun with my arm extended out about 45 degrees and pointing the light source at Evey's face. The Town Hall had these old lights that gave a very warm hue. I wanted to kill any ambient light so i set it the shutter speed to 1/160s, aperture at f/9 and ISO 200. I knew the settings should be about right with 1/4 power (manual) and it exposed correctly. The only thing that didn't come out correct was the white balance. I had set my settings previously to tungsten so the original image was blue. I corrected this in post processing.

Model: Evey Dantes

Variable as Captain Hammer


Flashgun set at 1/2 power through white brolly on camera left, bare strobe in front of Variable on camera right at 1/4 power. Settings: 1/160s f/9 ISO 200 at 35mm. The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens performs really well with sufficient lighting and it is ultra sharp at f/9. I love getting everything in focus as it gives me a lot of control in post processing. I don't really like soft-focus and avoid shooting at wide apertures unless I have no other choice. The second image is a crop at 100% and it shows all the contours, details and textures of the face. The one thing that bugs me are stray strands of wig hair but fortunately Variable knows her wigs!

Model: Variable Cosplay

Feisty Cuffs as Atomic Wonder Woman


This probably took the longest time to capture. I wanted to capture all the detail in Feisty's costume. I knew the primary colours would look rad if i lit her up properly. As it was a Wonder Woman costume I also tried to achieve some images with hard light to create moody shots. This set was shot with the same setup as Variable, but with my key light (camera left) pulled up higher than the model and aimed down at her head. I then positioned my camera about waist height to the model and pointed it upwards. The idea was to make Feisty look more intimidating through perspective control on a 35mm lens. We were both about the same height so in order to make the model intimidating, the camera had to be lower than usual (which was easier for me). Normally when i shoot i have to jump on some sort of chair to achieve the correct perspective (because many cosplayers are so darn tall).

Both flashguns were set at 1/2 power. The key light on camera left would provide the lighting for Feisty's costume and face, the second flashgun was positioned near her weapon to give it some rim. I also added additional flare to the top right corner of the image in post. Photograph shot at 1/160s f/9 ISO200.

Model: Feisty Cuffs

Feisty Cuffs & Evey Dante

Models: See above

Dylan & Kylara as Wastelanders

The funniest photo shoot of the day because Kylara is 3 and wanted to hide behind daddy's frame instead of having her photo taken!

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