Payday 2

In the last week I have spent a lot of time on Payday 2. Payday 2 is an action crime first person shooter. You spend your time planning heists from classic bank vaults to armory trucks and jewellry stores. Your main objective is to get away with the money or loot and make a clean getaway.

You can approach each mission with one of two ways. Loud or silent. Silent runs mean no alerting the police and maintaining civilians under control. Civilians will call the police if given the chance so your first priority is to keep them from dailing for help. Law enforcement officers will shoot on sight but fortunately the NPCs in the normal difficulty level don't hit too hard. If you attempt the missions in Overkill or Deathwish, you pretty much die in one to two hits.

Loud means go and alert everything in the game the moment you start the mission. Then you shoot your way out.

The game has four classes to choose from. The Mastermind, the Enforcer, the Technician and the Ghost. Each class specialise in a specific set of skills. The game rapidly changes pace as you level up your character and unlock weapon modifications and skills. It gives you more options in different missions which makes the game replayable and refreshing. Some unlocks definitely make your life easier including the Saw under the Enforcer tree which lets you open safety deposit boxes and ATMs quickly. This means faster looting in a vault, and more cash money per mission and you'll need a lot of it to fully unlock your character progression.

It's a co-op game and when you have a good team, it produces some amazing heists. When you have a team of bad players, you can probably salvage the easier missions, but harder to recover from difficult multi-day missions or even bank heists.

Successful mission

Assets to unlock for certain missions

Control your civilians

Mall crasher

A thermal drill to get in to bank vaults

Burning money!

In the last 64 hours of gameplay according to Steam I have already done all the deathwish missions (i was pulled through by some friends). This meant that i power levelled to Prestige 2 in a very shot time. With Elder Scrolls Online about to launch on 31 March 2014, I want to complete as many achievements as i can until that time. Very impressed with Payday 2 overall.

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