Titan Fall: Now with Australian servers!

I picked up Titan Fall on PC from the Origin store this morning after it was announced that there would soon be Australian servers (PC & Tech Authority 2014), earlier than anticipated. It was the main issue that kept me from preordering the game. I just can't play a twitch action shooter game like this without low pings, and not feeling angry or frustrated with deaths where my skill is not the reason i got killed. It's the lag! It's the difference between looking annoyed at someone else's kill cam or walking away with a grin on my face.

One of my main peeves with the game is the inclusion of the smart gun and ESP. The smart gun is basically an aimbot, and ESP lets you see through walls and locate enemy players. It's a traversty to online multiplayer gaming and for some reason the team at Respawn saw it fit to add cheats to a multiplayer game. Just why?!

My favorite weapon is the compact submachine gun. It's enormously advantageous to fire a hail of bullets into an enemy especially when you're lagging. Your other option is the shotgun but that's assuming you can plant one in their chest with one shot. The compact smg takes about half a clip to kill a grunt if fired from the hip on the move, or maybe 5-6 rounds to the head if you aim (but it opens you to attack because you slow down). It has a satisfying *ooomph* when you eliminate pilots in face-to-face engagements. It's got a shorter range than the carbine, and fall off in accuracy is significant for long ranges. It however makes up by the high fire rate and hip accuracy. Perfect for CQB.

The smart gun can be fired on the move, auto locks within a second for grunts and up to 3-4 seconds for pilots. The auto lock range is the same as the compact SMG's accuracy falloff. Being able to auto lock grunts and pilots from the top of buildings is kind of your main advantage. The auto lock speed varies. When i watch other people in chase cam kill me - it takes them a second to lock and I'm dead. When i use the enhanced targetting mod with the smart gun, its about 3-4 seconds assuming i can maintain the enemy in my sights (which is generously the whole screen). You need three locks to kill a full health pilot. A single lock for grunts and two locks for spectres.

The cheat gun is just way overpowered and i always have to roll my eyes when i get nailed by someone using that gun. It has no place in competitive PC gaming in my opinion. Learning to shoot is precisely part of playing a shooter game.

Titans are best left to their own devices. They are bullet and anti-titan weaponry magnets. Making it a giant mechanical tanking pet perfect for forcing the enemy players to reveal their positions. I get the most joy out of killing enemy players attracted to my auto-titan

Buying from Origin via Mexican store

Titan Fall can be bought on PC via the Origin store. Access the Mexican site with your choice of VPN and purchase the digital deluxe edition (comes with season pass) for 599 Mexican Pesos. It comes out to be about $52 Australian dollars. The site will be in Spanish, but the shopping cart is the same. Once you have the item in your shopping cart, you can disable the Mexican VPN. I used Paypal with real payment and billing information.

Why buy from another region? The Australian Origin will ask us to pay USD$99 for the digital deluxe edition of Titan Fall on PC! That's DOUBLE the price compared to the Mexican store!

Way to get your account blacklisted and closed by EA. There is nothing illegal about buying the game from another region of the world. This is what smart consumers do all the time. But falsifying your billing/payment information is wrong. It is also unnecessary.

Pricing inequality is a trend. A recent Australian parliamentary report urged Australian consumers to circumvent region pricing because it is unfair. Doubling the price for digitally distributed games because we live in Australia is just plain greed. There's no reason to pay double for a game that's distributed online by the same merchant. Article here (Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2013).

Security advice: If you are using a public VPN, you should change your Origin password after the transaction. You never know who is watching your data streams. Changing your password regularly is a good practice anyway.

Download and installation size

The Titan Fall PC download is about 21 Gigabytes. Origin will then install the game and spend a long time unpacking audio files. The final size of the game directory at launch is 50 Gigabytes. This is fine for people with unlimited downloads, but kind of a big deal for the majority of Australians still in a contract with monthly data quotas. Notwithstanding the download issue, you also need to clear a space on your HDD for the game to install. Have fun moving your files around for this game.

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