Recognition for Prior Learning at TAFE

I'm currently at Stage 2 of my Diploma in Spatial Information Systems at Ultimo TAFE. Last week i discovered that we had to undertake a general knowledge course (and not really that useful in the real world) looking briefly at environmental sustainability. It was a yawn fest.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL), is a process for giving candidates credit for skills, knowledge and experience gained through working and learning. It can be gained at any stage of their lives, through formal and informal learning, in Australia or overseas, through work or other activities such as volunteering
-Department of Education and Training 2014.

This is probably one of the best things about doing a course at TAFE. If you can provide solid evidence or proof that you know something - get exempted!. This way you can focus on your other subjects and forget falling asleep in class.

I am doing this Diploma for the GIS components. I have very little interest in theorycrafting or playing 'what-ifs' with the environment or sustainability practices. No matter what we do, we have very little impact over the industries, agriculture and manufacturing processes that affect the whole economy. There are obviously little things we can do around the house - if it makes you feel better about your urban footprint. But it really doesn't do anything in the overall scheme of things.

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