Cersei Lannister by Zhiana

I drove Zhiana out to Fagan Park, Galston NSW to take some photographs of her Cersei Lannister cosplay. An amazing lady and very fun to shoot with!

Duck pond

This is near a duck pond in the middle of Fagan Park. It was stupidly hot so we spent some time cooling off in the shade.

South American Gardens

This is how you impress Zhiana: ask her to sit down on concrete pre-heated to 40 degrees Celsius. Then try to pose comfortably! (I'm sure she wanted to kill me!)

Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean Garden consisted of some steps that reminded us of King's Landing. This is a two light setup. Bare strobe at full power from the front as fill, and a bare strobe with orange gels at 1/2 power to provide rim.

Chinese Garden

The Chinese Garden was my favourite. It was at that point in the day when it was just too hot to continue. But we managed to snap enough photographs to call it a day.

I want to reshoot the scenes below indoors. The hint of orange provides an afternoon sun in the realm of Westeros and nothing like a sip of wine to finish off the day (okay it's not really wine, but a decent substitute).

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